Waka Miyashiro

Director, Asia Women Leaders Forum
Representative, Love Grace


She is a consultant for well-being, a life that is beautiful, healthy and rich in both material and spiritual aspects. She helps women with various emotional struggles to liberate themselves and have the necessary mindset to easily achieve their dreams. She advocates creating a life with an authentic self that is neither positive nor negative.

Her mission is to create a society where women are empowered.

Her journey to the present began when, at the most difficult time in her life, a female friend supported her and she decided to “become a person who can encourage others.” She currently gives lectures, courses and private sessions, mostly online.

She uses a method based on Human Behavioral Science, which integrates 299 disciplines over 40 years, and has earned an international reputation for making various issues in life, such as money, family, relationships, work, and wellness, disappear and set people free.

She is dedicated to helping people in a wide range of fields, including executives of 10 billion yen companies, doctors, professional sports coaches, professional musicians, investors, and healers.

“From Japan to the world, life is flourishing.”

She is also the community representative for Leady Go, a 100,000-person event. There, she empowers women to live their authentic lives by experiencing the diverse values and inspirations of women who serve as role models across industries, politics, religions, and national boundaries. This community strives to create a global platform for wellbeing by restoring Japan’s economic and social wellness, making women more independent, eliminating gender disparities, reducing suicide rates, and increasing the birth rate.

“What can we do for a beautiful planet and humanity that will last a thousand years?” This inspiring question is what she continues to ask herself and what she contributes to humanity in Asia and the rest of the world on a daily basis.

She graduated from the University of the Sacred Heart, Faculty of Letters, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, English Language and Literature.
  • Orthomolecular  Nutrition Consultant (2006-)
  • Founder of Love Grace (2012-)
  • Certified Demartini Method Facilitator (2012-)
  • Values Factor Facilitator (2014-)
  • Appointed as Representative of LadyGo Partners (April 2024-)
  • Appointed as Executive Director of Asian Women Leaders Forum (June 2024-)