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leader development programs, etc.
We will introduce training, services, and useful information that lead to a virtuous cycle in Asia.

Leader Development Program

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

■Global Innovator Creation Program :

There are various programs aimed at creating entrepreneurs who will work in Japan with an eye toward overseas expansion. Depending on the program, a wide range of participants can participate, from individuals such as students and researchers before starting a business to startup companies after starting a business.

The University Of Tokyo Executive Management Program

This is an educational program for working adults that concentrates the wisdom of the University of Tokyo. The program teaches the liberal arts and management methods developed by the University of Tokyo for the new era, and fosters the ability to discover, formulate, and update issues on one’s own and collaborate with a diverse range of people, while understanding the constantly changing and complex mechanisms of the world. The program aims to help students understand and master the ways of thinking that support the cutting edge of various fields of study.

Expansion from Japan to overseas

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

■List of support services for Japanese companies and Japanese companies overseas :

  • Consultation
  • Conducting surveys overseas
  • Provision of local information by overseas offices
  • Integrated support from strategy to realization
  • Sales channel development and finding business partners
  • Support for companies expanding overseas Start-up support
  • Utilization and training of human resources
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Attracting Foreign Companies

Cultural exchange

■“LIFE® Life” program to re-experience the trajectory of your birth and remember the preciousness of life

  • ART video work “LIFE® Re-experience being born” planetarium/movie screening
  • Providing educational programs using art
  • Exhibition of works with the theme of life ”Life Exhibition”
LIFE® is supported by AWLF.

AWLF shares the message of “LIFE® Inochi” and is helping to connect with other Asian countries in order to pass on a beautiful planet to the next generation.

LIFE is Wonderful

For the betterment of our planet,  it is important for each of us to have a heart of love for ourselves and respect for each other’s lives.

The ART video work “LIFE®Inochi Re-experience Birth ” teaches us that we are beings to be loved and that we are wonderful beings born through thousands of overlapping miracles.