Sayaka Hashimoto
Executive Director

Transcending national borders, generations and races, she is a producer and creative director of art works and projects for a future society where the power of art connects people’s hearts and where diverse individual lives shine. She promotes international cultural exchange, educational and environmental projects.

She also collaborated with national universities to create the next-generation education program LIFE Education®︎ to expand creativity education.

In the “Art Project of Love and Life Continuing 100 Years Later,” registered as a co-creation challenge for the Japan World Exposition (Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan), she focuses on regional development and cultural development of the next generation using their art video work “LIFE Inochi®,” and contributes to art activities connecting industry, academia, government and private sector.

Author of the poetry collection “Congratulations on your birth ~What the encounter of life teaches~”.
Poetry: Masahiko Hashimoto, Sayaka Hashimoto Illustration: Shomei Yoh Chuohoki Publishing

In May 2020, she was appointed Executive Director of the Asia Women Leaders Forum.

LIFE: Re-experiencing birth

LIFE education