Ai Sasaki
AWLF Chairperson

Graduated from Doshisha Women’s University, Department of English Language and Literature. Completed the Executive Management Program at the University of Tokyo. Completed the Asian Geopolitics Program at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. In May 2020, Appointed Chairperson of Asia Women Leaders Forum. She is one of the young leaders of the United Nations Environment Council. She is also the Executive Advisor of Raul Corporation, Advisor of EIF Impact Fund, an ESG fund, Advisor of Darjeeling Himalaya International School, India, and Japan President of Inner Happiness Foundation.

Spreading a sustainable world system in which individual diversity shines through.

She continues to quest for a rich symbiosis of the global community which inter alia includes traveling throughout the Asian region to promote projects, through active participation in meetings/ forums on gender equality, environment, education, health care, economics, and cultural co-creation. Through dialogue with leaders from various countries, she deepens mutual understanding and bonds, and promotes collaboration that transcends national borders, industries, and generations in order to achieve the SDGs in Asian Region. Her heartfelt connections have created opportunities for collaborative creation, and she has contributed to numerous developments in the Asian region. Representative examples include connecting the Embassy of Bangladesh with Dr. Chieko Kai, Project Professor of the University of Tokyo, to promote the introduction of the highly lethal Nipah virus vaccine, and a proposal to SEAMEO in Thailand to introduce safer school lunches and nutrition education in Asia.

Creating a Platform for Collaborative Creation of Leaders that Transcends Borders, Generations, and Industries
Realizing a prosperous global society through the empowerment of women

She created an online platform where Asian women leaders from industry, academia, government, and the private sector, who are active on the front lines beyond borders, generations, and industries, can co-create to realize a beautiful Asia. Within the platform, she set up a “Miracle Box” to work together to solve common problems in Asia. In addition, in order to empower the world from women, she empowers all women and promotes leadership by sharing the ways of life and diverse career paths of women leaders who are role models for the realization of the SDGs on AWLF’s website and other media. She is working with front-line industry, academia, and government and private sector leaders to nurture and produce the next generation of female leaders.

She is currently focusing on the following projects and activities to achieve a more prosperous coexistence across the earth and humankind.

・Organizing international forums;
・Protecting the rights of poor children by promoting school lunch and nutrition education projects in Asia;
・Promoting decarbonization projects in Asia;
・Safeguarding women’s rights and dignity by promoting the Asian Women’s Caucus; and
・Promoting the quest for Inner Happiness and the enhancement of human well-being.

With the belief that “One Team, One Asia to a beautiful earth and a beautiful Asia even after 1000 years”; and with a view to a prosperous future for the earth and humanity, her words and actions have expanded the perspectives of many people and continue to move people’s hearts and minds towards the resolution of shared challenges within Asia’s SDGs.