CEO and Founder
T.K. Associates Co., Ltd.
Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University

Words she holds dear

My favorite words are Mr. Peter Drucker’s “A person can perform only from strength. One cannot build performance on weakness.” and Mr. Eichi Shibusawa’s “Be meticulous and bold”.

We tend to look at our weaknesses, but even if we think about our weaknesses, we won’t make any progress. If so, I believe that if you recognize your own strengths, refine them, and have the strength to make a breakthrough, you will be able to lead an interesting life.
At first glance, Mr. Eichi Shibusawa’s words may seem to contradict “meticulous” and “bold”, but I believe that small things and meticulous things are completely different things.
As it is said that God is in the details, be prepared and bold and determined. In their words, I feel the dynamism that I want to make use of in my own life.

Her story

Tomoko Katsurayama received a BA in Human Development from Nagoya University, and holds an MBA and a Master of Sports Administration (MSA) from Ohio University.

After completing graduate school, she gained professional experience at Nike Japan, Amazon Japan, and a foreign-affiliated consulting company before joining GLOBIS, one of Japan’s largest providers of MBA programs. At GLOBIS, she was involved in research and program development in the areas of management strategy and marketing, as well as launching and managing world conferences such as G1 Global. For ten years until 2023, she was based in Southeast Asia, particularly in countries such as Singapore and Thailand, where she promoted human resource development businesses. In December 2023, she resigned as President & CEO of GLOBIS Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., GLOBIS Asia Campus Pte. Ltd., and GLOBIS Thailand Co. Ltd..

She is currently a professor at the Graduate School of Management, Globis University, where she is involved in educating businesspeople from all over the world. She is the CEO and Founder of T.K. Associates Co., Ltd., where she supports global businesspeople and promotes “fulfillment careers” and “life models” aimed at realizing personal brilliance.

Based on her own overseas experience, she said, “Experiencing diverse values in a different culture is an opportunity to create new innovations. I would like to see more businesspeople who are active in the world by putting themselves in different cultures” .


As of April 6, 2024