Swapnali Puradkar
Founder of NPO-‘IndianProfessionals in Japan (IPJ)’

Swapnali Puradkar- a well-known Community Leader in Japan- is the founder of NPO- ‘Indian Professionals in Japan (IPJ)’- largest and fastest growing platform of professionals connected with India and Japan. Formed in March 2018, it is an impactful socio-economic group of approx. 8000 mostly high-skilled professionals on major social media platforms- Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,WhatsApp, Twitter, Meetup etc.

Through self-action (with 17 years of work experience in Japan) and highly active IPJ group, she has empowered and energized India-Japan community to collectively prosper in important areas: Career-business growth, Skill Exchange, Professional guidance, Women Empowerment and Leadership, Students connect, Disaster preparation, community-government collaboration. IPJ has been receiving great responses from community participants.

Born in a small village named Kashene in Maharashtra, Swapnali was raised by humble, lower middle class, and socially active family. She completed Engineering in year 2000 and worked for 4 years in India and 13 years in Japan with World leading corporates such as Infosys, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank, and Fidelity International. She was socially active since 2009 (e.g., Anti-corruption and Voting Awareness drives) and after childbirth in 2016, she started working primarily for the well-being of Indo-Japan society. Today, IPJ is a role model for International Professional networks within and outside Japan.

<Activities performed personally and as a IPJ Founder>
・ Arranged 4 Grand Year-End Networking events, appx. 50 webinars-get together
・Maintained high quality, interactive professional discussion forum on Facebook.
・Promoted many women on professional journey (especially, after marriage or maternity
・Connection among Professionals-Students-Businesspersonnel and Indo-Japan Governments
・Promoted Indian Market for startup investments
・Personal guidance (approx. one query per week) on career, business setup, professional and personal difficulties, Skill Upgrade etc.
・Connected Indian communities in Japan-America through cross-border social events
・Fostered connection among Japan-based professionals from India, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka,and Bangladesh
・Book-club and wellness, Disaster Safety in Japan
・Platform for Job Seekers and Providers- Apprx. 2000+ job posts on IPJ

<She was invited for talks and discussions as followed>
・Indian Embassy and JETRO, Japan Office for Government-IPJ collaboration
・World Hindu Women organization, USA
・CIC, Japan
・IIM Nagpur, India


<Indian Professionals in Japan (IPJ)>