Nanami Wakayama
Representative Director of Our Farms Co., Ltd./Management of select shop “SEPLÚMO”

●Strawberry “Hime Berry” made in Nepal using the blessings of nature

The founder of Our Farms Co., Ltd., an establishment dedicated to the cultivation and commercialization of Japanese strawberry varieties within the borders of Nepal, endeavors to engender employment opportunities. This enterprise has been engendered by the aftermath of the seismic event that transpired in Nepal on April 25th, 2015. They prime objective is to foster an upsurge in job creation and income augmentation through agricultural means.

She produces and sells strawberries in the village of Kakani in Nepal (2 hours northwest of the capital Kathmandu) with about 200 contract farmers and more than 2,000 workers per year on about 9 hectares of farmland. They use as little pesticides and chemical fertilizers as possible and take advantage of nature’s bounty. She is currently struggling to create 10,000 more jobs.

She aspire that through the creation of employment via agricultural means, individuals shall be afforded increased prospects to accrue remuneration and manifest their unique brilliance unhindered.





She is also contributing to the development of hydropower projects in Nepal.

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●Select shop “SEPLÚMO”

On January 26, 2022, she opened an ethical select shop “SEPLÚMO” that travels to seven continents.
Her concept is “a shop where you can enjoy ethical products from all over the world, including Nepalese products, while feeling like you are traveling.”


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