ZenEating Founder and Guide/Guest researcher at Chuo University/Well-being advisor at DUSKIN Inc.

She developed and founded ZenEating®, a food work based on meditation.
She has provided ZenEating meditation as a mindfulness, wellbeing, and team-building program for major national and international corporations.

She has helped 2,200 people in 30 countries find peace of mind.

She combines a way of eating that sharpens the body’s senses with Zen-inspired circulation and appreciation of living things, helping people to relax their shoulders and experience the joy of life.


  • Wellness Manager, Hoshino Resort
  • Cookpad
  • Cafe Management
  • B.A. in International Policy and Culture, Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University

Up to now

  • Graduation thesis on Zen and Japanese culture
  • Indian National Yoga School
  • 2 years of spiritual exploration in India (Ayurveda, homestay in the countryside with no running water or electricity, temple stay, meditation practice)
  • Visited 30 countries
  • Currently resides in Tokyo
  • Hometown is Yamagata, where his grandfather, a mountain ascetic, lives.
  • Lived in Egypt as a child
  • Born in 1991

Author of

Eating Meditation ZenEating: The World’s Approved Way to Eat Happily” published in January 2023. Now on sale to rave reviews (Amazon).

Outline of ZenEating®

Youtube:Momoe channel

ZenEating Business Activities

Corporate training, online subscription-based services for individuals, meditation supervision and audio provision, lectures, writing contributions, etc.

Based on her experience of resigning from a corporate job due to mental illness, she provides mindfulness training and eating meditation seminars for business people on the theme of mental health. He has been teaching meditation with a focus on food, which is easy to incorporate into daily life.

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