ZenEating Founder and Guide/Guest researcher at Chuo University/Well-being advisor at DUSKIN Inc.

Developing and facilitating Zen Eating which is providing mindfulness practice through food inspired by Japanese Zen Buddhism.

This online program has been applied to team-building and wellness activities by global companies and conferences.

She has helped over 2100 people from 30 countries to have a peaceful mind.

Her program activates your senses by eating in a meditative state.

She is a cultural salad bowl by herself from her varied experiences from living in Egypt and India, having traveled over 30 countries, and having a grandfather that is a mountain priest who practices the Japanese traditional way of training one’s mind.

She has worked for Hoshino, in the wellness unit of the luxury resort hotel, as well as Cookpad which is an IT food company.

She graduated from Chuo University, the Faculty of Policy Studies, and studied Zen and Japanese culture.

She is now writing a book about Zen Eating.