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AWLF advisor, Yayoi Kimura, for the upcoming Koto Ward mayoral election.

By 2023年3月12日May 23rd, 2023AWLF News EN

AWLF advisor, Yayoi Kimura, is actively engaged in activities for the upcoming Koto Ward mayoral election next month. She serves as the State Minister’s Parliamentary Secretary, Deputy Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party, and Head of the Special Committee for Promoting Women’s Active Participation. She is a compassionate and influential female leader.

She consistently demonstrates leadership by empowering women and girls and supporting those in vulnerable positions, always extending her support to children and individuals in need. In an AWLF interview, she shared loving words and beliefs, such as “I believe it is the role of politics to listen to unheard voices and bring warm light to the places that are currently in the shadows” and “I willingly take on tasks that others may consider menial.”

You can read the full interview article with Yayoi Kimura ✖️ AWLF
Interview is here 🌸

We are confident that Yayoi Kimura will shine a light on children, women, and those in vulnerable positions, bridging the local community and the country, and nurturing a kind and strong Koto Ward alongside all of you.

AWLF supports Yayoi Kimura’s endeavors.