Yaoyui Kimura
Former member of the House of Representatives

Ms.Yayoi Kimura, former member of the House of Representative, born in 1965 in Koto-ku, Tokyo. At the age of 38, after raising her children, she transferred to the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care at Keio University, where she obtained her nursing and public health nursing licenses. After working at Keio University Hospital and the Japan Nursing Association, first elected to the House of Representatives in 2014 from the North Kanto proportional block in the 47th House of Representatives election. In 2016, she was appointed chairperson of the Liberal Democratic Party’s special task force on emergency measures for waiting children. In 2017, Ms.Yayoi Kimura was reelected. In September 2020, she became Deputy Secretary-General of the LDP and Secretary-General of the Special Committee for the Promotion of Women’s Activities, and was narrowly defeated in the House of Representatives election in October 2021.


Efforts and laws that is achieved

  • Widows deduction applied to unmarried single parents (2019)
  • Medical Care Child Support Law, Obscene Teacher Measures Law (2021)


Special adoption system, liquid milk, child abuse, support for victims of domestic violence, food loss, improved access to emergency contraceptives, introduction of Japanese version of DBS system, empowerment of women and girls…etc.

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